Who Runs My House

Do you have pets?  Our critters are like furry/feathery family members.

Meet LeDoux.  He’s our cursing, messy and hilarious 2 year old African Gray parrot.  He’s the reason I can’t do live broadcasts on Facebook – he would make a sailor blush.  LeDoux loves hot coffee, mashed potatoes, pomegranate, and my fingers.  I watch him from afar as he likes to whisper “ouch” in my general direction, I think as an evil warning of the damage he’s about to inflict.



Next up is Callie.  She’s the smartest person in our house and keeps us all in line.  Callie is a Blue Heeler and loves to play fetch and will decide when it’s over by hiding the ball.  Callie tolerates her sister pup and clearly shows her disdain when Bounty eats trash out of the kitchen garbage – unless she shares.


Next is Cleo.  She was a rescue kitty from Miranda’s Rescue.  Cleo loves sunny spots on the carpet, taking five minute jaunts outside, and harassing my poor husband who has a serious kitty cat dander allergy.  As you can tell, Cleo doesn’t give a crap about his sneezing.


Our final family member is Bounty.  She was my 40th birthday present.  Bounty is a huge, stocky English Chocolate Lab.  She retrieves everything including items that may or may not be food.  She drools when you crinkle paper (everything crinkly has cheese in it) and goes ballistic when you say the “T-R-E-A-T” word.



What kind of critters own your house?


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