The Fisherwoman

Once upon a time there was a beautiful teen princess who decided she wanted to try fishing.  On a warm summer evening, she casted out into the depths of a lake and almost immediately, felt a bite on her line.  She was instantly terrified.


She reeled and fought the beast for at least a minute (although she swears it felt as though it was an hour) until she was finally able to land the monster.


Once she landed Moby Bass, she instantly regretted her decision to become a Fisherwoman, as she realized her step father was in the bathroom and she’d have to remove the hook herself.  The princess suddenly decided she wanted to be a Vegan.


The sweet fisherwoman apologized profusely to Moby Bass while attempting to remove the hook through tears, fish slime and demands that her step-dad exit make an appearance.


Of course her mother had to take a picture of her trophy fish.  The Fisherwoman did her best to look proud.


Finally, the King emerged from his throne to help out, while the Fisherwoman was consoled by her prince.

Success!  The King freed Moby Bass to swim back into the depths of freedom.  And the Fisherwoman forever hung up her traumatized fishing pole and stuck to laying out and soaking up the sun.



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