We have beautiful white subway tile in our master bedroom shower.  When the sun comes in through the block glass window, it shines like a bathroom beacon of cleanliness.  I spend time each day drying off these tiles and do mild clean up as needed.  This shower is my pride and joy.

When I hopped in yesterday, I immediately noticed a few patches of soot spread sporadically around the tiles, in no particle pattern.  I was annoyed and cleaned the patches vigorously.  What I quickly learned was that soot likes to smear and spread and stick to everything – I imagine just like the fire it originated from.  With some intensive scrubbing, I was able to make the tile as sparking as it originally had been and all was well in my OCD world.

This morning, I found more patches of soot inside my shower.  Again, I scrubbed and wiped the offending stain away, and then I paused to look over at my soundly sleeping husband.  This time my response was not formed out of negativity – it was one of respect.

You see, my husband is a volunteer fireman – he’s actually the Captain of his company.  To say I’m proud of him is an understatement.  In the past 48 hours, he’s fought two structure fires, both occurring while the rest of us were sleeping in our beds.  He did so without complaint and without any sort of financial compensation.

To be honest, it’s not always easy seeing him go to calls of this nature – I’d much rather have him next to me, snuggled up and safe within the confines of our home.  But one thing I’ve learned as a firewife, is how to share – to share him with his department and an entire community.  Volunteer firefighters train several times a month in addition to to the calls they routinely handle and the volunteer services they perform, especially during the holidays. It’s hard – and can be even harder, to share your husband with so many others, especially since most of the spots he’s sent too aren’t exactly a walk in the park.

As we settle into this holiday season, please keep the firefighters and their families in your thoughts.  And if you ever see a spot of soot, let it be a reminder of their sacrifices and the quiet servitude they graciously gift upon our communities.

One thought on “Soot

  1. Volunteer firefighters and their families are the unsung heroes of any community. The amount of work they put in and, often, the amount of personal money they donate is what keeps us all safe. Thanks, Sandy, for the keeping the home tiles clean when your guy keeps the flames from spreading.

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