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More info on prom!

Prom shoot moved to my studio due to rain!! 989 Milton #2d in Ferndale.

Prom is this weekend and I’m crossing my fingers Humboldt weather behaves! I’ll be at Rohner Park from 5:30 PM to 7:30 PM. Pictures are first come, first serve. I shoot quickly so hopefully any wait will not be for very long.

Just to clarify a few things – I’m in no way affiliated with FUHS or their hired photographer. I started doing this as an alternative to traditional prom photos after I realized I wanted a bunch of nice pictures of my daughter looking her best.

I ONLY supply digital images. You will NOT be receiving any prints with the $40. I guarantee at least five edited digital high resolution pictures of the couple with free group shots to paying couples.

In order to find and download your pictures, you’ll need to use the link either on my FB page or website. I make it’s own posting and also put it in the online FB photo album, so you can readily find it. I strongly encourage everyone to NOT download their photos directly from FB and to only use the link I give, as FB does horrible things to pictures.

I supply business cards the night of with my contact information. I take down everyone’s names and emails in the event I have a problem with their photos. I DO NOT send out individual emails.

If you’d like a print package and not deal with digitals, FUHS has their own photographer at the dance. I do not know their pricing or if you get more than one pose. All of my digital images can be downloaded and then printed wherever you link. I strongly suggest, or Costco if you need to order locally.

I hope this answers most questions! I’ve attached last year’s prom gallery so you can see samples of my work and examples of what your pictures will be similar to.

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