All of the pictures are edited and uploaded! Please see this link to download your high resolution pictures: I’m going to try and order all of the free wallets Tuesday.

If there is a certain pose or photo you absolutely love, please let me know ASAP. If I don’t hear from you, I will pick my favorite pose. Once I get the prints back, I’ll send them to school with my daughter, Mattea Bertain, and you can see her to get them.

I didn’t turn many photos into black & white, however, if there is one you’d like this on, please let me know and I’ll do a quick edit for you.

For printing, does a great job, and Costco isn’t bad in a pinch. Just make sure to turn off the auto correct feature wherever you print. I also offer printing through the Pixieset link but it’s certainly not mandatory.

Thank you again so much for coming over and visiting me at the studio!! And a huge thanks to my mom-in-law, Juanita, for all the help!

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