I had the brilliant idea of doing Halloween promo shoots tonight.  I thought we could use a couple of freaky masks, a Santa suit and my newest T-Rex blow up costume to help with my creepy visions of scary grandeur.  Let’s just say it didn’t go quite as planned.  My almost 13 year old model and T-Rex, bailed on me for a wild evening of Fortnite.  That left me with my less than enthusiastic, albeit willing, husband who agreed to a scary mask and to assist me with my photo aspirations.

First up was a relatively scary set so the husband donned the mask and hopped in.  It was far less scary when the horse apparently had a booger issue.



Next came my bright idea of  hopping in the T-Rex costume.  Let’s just say even with chubby legs crossed and head low, I didn’t fit.   I was a sweaty beast, coming out of a sweaty beast.  But look at that backdrop!




The husband then told me to get out of the way so he could show me how to correctly pull a Tyra Banks.  So I did.




By this time, I was pretty much done with my modeling career and taking pictures of my aspiring Fabio, so I stuck to basic pics of the remaining drops.  Aren’t they cool?







I’ll be offering up different dates where you can bring your little ghost or goblin by for some fun pics and a goody bag.  I have props galore as well!



One thought

  1. Love your backdrops!! Especially the sky and the fence. Is it possible to be addicted to having your kids pictures taken by Sandi Peterson? If so, I have a problem….which backdrops to pick!!!


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