Tending My Garden

One of the hardest lessons I’ve learned as a photographer was to stay true to myself and my creativity. In today’s world we live in an over saturated market of photographers – all with a variety of styles. And you know the cool part? None of these ‘togs are wrong because they all have an audience that loves their work.

I recently started to fall into the abyss of my own head – doubting my work and comparing myself to the styles around me. Was I as busy as them? Was I editing ok? Am I staying current enough? Am I still relevant? I could go on and on but I know the creatives out there totally get it.

The answers to these questions actually smacked me in the face last night while I was watching a boudoir seminar. The women teaching the class were pros and people I consider to be mentors to many of us. Established, confident, successful – and at times they both admitted – unsure in their abilities and sucked into that dark headspace of self doubt.

What?! Did I hear that right?! I sure did.

The answer for them was to basically tend to your own garden. Comparisons can be the killers of creatives and you must create work that fulfills your passion as a photographer. If you create just for clients it’s draining – and I didn’t realize how accurate this was until I heard someone I tremendously admire, say it.

So what’s that mean for me? I now have a bit of an inner excitement building at the thought of creating some new art with topics I love and want to explore. I may share some here or I may just keep the projects to myself.

I just know I’m not alone. No more peeking over fences – I’m off to tend to my own garden.

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