The Missing Mom

Are you a missing mom? Or maybe a missing dad? The one behind the camera but never in the pictures? The one who hates how they look on film and would just rather hide? The one who has a kiddo in college with a wall full of pictures – without you? You’re always the loving (but invisible) presence in your family.

That would be me. It is utterly painful for me to be in front of the camera. I’m insecure about my looks, my wrinkles, the gray patch in my hair, and the list goes on. But you know what? My kids don’t see any of that. They see a mom who loves them beyond measure.

When my dad died, the memories of him were carried on in our hearts and also through pictures. Prior to his death, he had helped me with a college class photography project. I burned through two rolls of black and white film taking pictures of him, and all the things he loved – his jeep, shop, and grandpa status. These pictures meant everything to me, especially after he passed. I’m so glad he allowed me to take them and I use this memory as a kick in the pants for my own photo taking.

Don’t wait for that new outfit, a weight loss, new hairdo, etc. Take those pictures and get those memories recorded!

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