Senior Spotlight and Proms!

Important links to the Senior Spotlight and prom projects!

I wanted to make one post to help keep things organized in regards to high school events!

Senior Spotlight Project

Interested in the Senior Spotlight project? Here is your link.

This special project is for all the graduating seniors of the Eel River Valley area and the best part – it’s FREE!

On May 12th or 13th, stop by Rohner Park with an item that represents what you’re doing after graduation – college sweatshirt, something that represents a trade school, full time job item, etc. and I’ll take your picture with/in it. After I’m done, I’m going to create a collage to represent all the fantastic graduating seniors we have in our community and show the successes we can expect for you guys and gals.

Please note this is not a full session and it’s specifically meant to showcase your future plans. The only qualification is that you’re an Eel Valley grad and you have a plan for your future in which we can visually represent (I can help you figure it out too!).

Prom Minis

Interested in the mini prom shoots? Here is your link.

Bust out that prom dress or suit and meet me at Rohner Park to capture your prom night memories! At this point, it will be solo shots only. I’m watching for the mandates to hopefully ease up a tad, so we can at least get couples shots and/or small groups.

$25 a participant for 3 digital images. I’ll have a sign up you’ll need to complete and we all must ensure social distancing is happening. Please stay in your vehicle until it is your turn. All participants will need to prepay online and no money will be accepted at the event. When you sign up, I’ll ask for an email that I can send your invoice to. No refunds if you’re a no show!

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