Hi!  My name is Sandi Petersen and I run a photography business in the beautiful Eel River Valley. I picked up my first “fancy” camera when my third child was a baby.  I was spending a fortune on portraits and wanted to see if I could learn enough to be able to save some money.  Here I am, 11 years later, and photography has become my passion.

Prior to opening up my business, I ran a Pay It Forward Photography project, in honor of my dad who passed away unexpectedly in January 2014. I had the pleasure of capturing the happy memories of hundreds of families and friends, as well as give back to a number of charitable organizations.  Although I now run a business, I still look for opportunities to give back.

Personally, I’m married, have three awesome kids who attend local schools, and own a variety of pets – including a naughty parrot who likes to drink coffee and spout off words we’d rather he didn’t say.  I also have the patience of a saint and can deal with crazy kids and hubbies who might not want to be actively involved in a picture taking session (I’m married to one).  Rest assured, I know lots of jokes and can tell lots of stories – most involving the before mentioned parrot.

Please contact me for your family, senior and wedding photography needs. I’d love to work with you and capture your special moments!