~ 400 ~ Full Session

Your personalized session will include up to a two hour session in the Eel River Valley area, multiple locations, and a minimum of 50 edited digital images uploaded to an online gallery.  I carefully edit each picture, adjusting things such as color, blemishes, and overall appearance.  I also provide artistic enhancements in addition to the provided color image files.

I am able to quickly provide edited images within a week, if not sooner.  I also provide professional print ordering which may be purchased in addition to the digital files.

Sessions can be done in studio or in locations either selected by the senior or places I may suggest.  We are very fortunate to live in such a beautiful area with many different scenic landscapes.

Senior sessions are very special.  Please feel free to bring items that represent your graduating senior (athletics, animals, vehicles, etc.) and as many clothing changes as you’d like.

~ 100 ~ Seasonal Package Upgrades

Do you play multiple sports and want to represent each one? Love the look of Fall colors but also Spring? If you purchase a full session, you can grab a senior mini for only $100. This would allow you to have additional sessions throughout the year (besides your main session) for a great variety at a discounted price. These seasonal package upgrades are only valid after a full package has been purchased. Not valid with a mini session.

~ 250 ~ Mini Session

Want a smaller package with just one change of clothing? My senior mini is 30 minutes long and located in the Eel River Valley. This package will contain 10 edited digital images, uploaded to an online gallery.