Will Work For Crackers

Tonight I went out and did some scouting for a maternity shoot I’m doing soon. This beautiful momma is someone I consider to be my little sister, so to say I’m excited is an understatement. It’s nice to finally be an auntie.

The family property we’ll be shooting at is beautiful and the curious cows will be a nice addition to the shots. We just need to make sure and bring enough saltine crackers to feed/bribe the crew!

Glamour Puss

After Semi Formal, I sweet talked my daughter and her beau, into a couple more pictures.

Things were going great, so she then asked for a few glamour shots with her kitty cat, Cleo.  Cleo is the diva of our house.  She is well fed, well loved, and well spoiled.

When Cleo was done, she politely told my daughter, “No more kisses,” and then we died when we saw her expression.