The Shady Spot

This morning my hubby and I drove out to the beautiful Mattole Valley for a photoshoot. I was especially excited since I haven’t been out that way in a few years and I was missing the coastline and pretty much everything about this magical place.

The Mattole Valley is where our family property is located. Each summer, my boys chomp at the bit until they can get out there with their dad. It’s not only a place to hunt, relax and seek refuge from WiFi, it’s also the place where my dad rests.

Before my dad passed away, he always told us he wanted to have his final resting place at the “Shady Spot.” This peaceful and tranquil location was my dad’s favorite spot. He would proclaim it as the best spot to bag a deer but I knew it was because he could sneak in as many naps as he wanted and not have to worry about scaring anyone with his grizzly bear snoring.

My dad’s ashes were scattered at our family property a few years ago and the boys planted a redwood tree at his favorite spot. I’m hoping to send out a few hardy succulents this year to add to his garden.

I’m really tempted to send out a rose bush, only because my dad hated dealing with them. He’d hack them to the point of death (his version of a “pruning”) and those suckers would grow back bigger and better the following year – I swear they were flipping him off with their thorny branches. I have a few of his hated roses now planted in my backyard and they are flourishing – even with my gentle pruning. Knowing my dad, I think he’d get the joke.

The drive was absolutely gorgeous and it was nice saying a silent “hello” and an, “I love you,” in the direction of the ridge where he now sleeps with one heavenly eye open, keeping a watchful eye on his grandsons.

A $5 Modeling Session

After constant Humboldt County rain, we finally had a break in between storms, and our blue skies were filled with fluffy white clouds.  I grabbed my off camera flash gadgets, a $5 bill, and my semi-cooperative 11 year old son.

While I was gathering my gear, my son disappeared into the bathroom and later emerged with freshly coifed hair – complete with a white hair bow.  “Well mom, if I’m gonna model, I’m gonna do it right.  My new name is – GUNNETTE!”  He said this proudly while asking if he could use the lipstick sitting on the entryway table.  I helped him apply the first layer and did the remaining seven.

We then went outside and I quickly gave commands of “look fierce!” and “duck face!” while he got even more into it, entertaining passing cars and neighbors.

I asked him if I could post his pictures after I edited them.  He granted me permission (this kid is not shy) and then promptly asked for a trip to the Dollar Store so he could spend his $5.