The Middle Child

Caid is my middle child.  The most calmest of the three, being both kind and gentle and loving.  When he was younger, he’d introduce himself to new friends as the “good kid” of the family.  Most of the time I agreed with that statement.  Caid is also my most cautious kid, – planning out every step before he takes it and asking lots of questions in the process.   He is a perfectionist by nature and strives to get things right the first time, much like his momma.

Caid is graduating from the 8th grade this year and I was asked to provide some photos from his childhood.  I’ll be honest, a few tears were shed looking back at my little guy.

From the days when he wore his dinner rather than eating it:


To when he got older and showed his little brother how to properly attend to his hygiene:


And when his love of guns, history, camo Crocs, and determined attitude started to make their appearance:


Caid is destined for great things and I’m so excited to watch him grow.  I’m beyond proud of him as his momma and hope that each and every day, he knows this.

A $5 Modeling Session

After constant Humboldt County rain, we finally had a break in between storms, and our blue skies were filled with fluffy white clouds.  I grabbed my off camera flash gadgets, a $5 bill, and my semi-cooperative 11 year old son.

While I was gathering my gear, my son disappeared into the bathroom and later emerged with freshly coifed hair – complete with a white hair bow.  “Well mom, if I’m gonna model, I’m gonna do it right.  My new name is – GUNNETTE!”  He said this proudly while asking if he could use the lipstick sitting on the entryway table.  I helped him apply the first layer and did the remaining seven.

We then went outside and I quickly gave commands of “look fierce!” and “duck face!” while he got even more into it, entertaining passing cars and neighbors.

I asked him if I could post his pictures after I edited them.  He granted me permission (this kid is not shy) and then promptly asked for a trip to the Dollar Store so he could spend his $5.




Model Call by Soda Pop

I live in beautiful Northern California – the land of constant rain.  It has seriously been steadily raining since January and we all have major cabin fever. Yesterday we had a short break in between storms and I threw caution to the wind. I bribed my sons with soda pop(s) in exchange for five minutes of pictures. Let’s just say my 11 year old was really into the gig.