~ Payment ~

Session fee is due at time of session, unless otherwise arranged. Cash, and all major credit cards are accepted. Products (such as prints) are not included in session fee unless otherwise noted.

~ What should we wear? ~

Bright colors and neutral colors tend to photograph well. I suggest staying within a similar color palette rather than trying to get everyone to match, and to avoid wearing shirts or jackets with big logos or characters.  They can be distracting and difficult to remove in post processing.

This is a great link with some ideas on how to style your session and here is a Pinterest board with more than a 1,000 styling ideas.  The most important thing is to choose clothing that matches your family’s style .  With kids, it’s especially important they are in something they are comfortable in and will be happy to wear.

~ What should we bring? ~

I typically try to keep sessions involving kids, within an hour.  After an hour, little ones can become restless and this can become stressful for everyone involved.  If you have small kids, you might consider bringing them a clean snack (nothing that will melt or smear on cute faces) and a drink.  Also, for the bigger kids and grownups, make sure everyone is fed and happy. I discovered this after shooting my own kids and having them rebel mid session because they were hungry.  You can also bring along any toys that your child loves and that you don’t mind them being photographed with.  Noisy toys are great with little ones, in that it grabs their attention and helps them to look at me.

~ What is a session like? ~

A typical family session lasts about an hour at our agreed upon outdoor location. I try to make it relaxed and fun, and while some of the images may be posed, I also try to capture the natural interactions of your family. Please feel free to let me know if there are certain poses or groupings of family members that you want included.

I will not shoot outdoors on rainy days – it’s no fun for you or me!  However, overcast or sunny days are great.  If you need to cancel for anything other than the weather, I ask that you provide me with 24 hrs notice.  I totally understand life happens and would be more than happy to reschedule your shoot. I also have a studio and can easily move indoors on rainy days.

~ After your session ~

Within 36 hours of your session, I will provide a few of my favorites on my Facebook page. You may tag yourself in the pictures, share them to your Facebook wall, and basically do what you’d like with them.  However, please do not alter them in anyway with cropping, filters or other additional editing.  If you’d like any changes to your images, I’d be more than happy to work with you on getting exactly the vision you were looking for.

It currently takes me about a week to provide an edited session.  All edited images will be uploaded to an online photo gallery and you will be provided a pass code to download your full resolution digital images as well as purchase any prints or products.  The images are yours to keep and use for personal use only. Your digital images can be printed up to an 11×14. If you’d like a larger size, please let me know so that I can prepare a new digital file for you.

The number of photos quoted in each session style is a minimum and I often will include quite a few more shots in your gallery. 

~ Archiving Information ~

I will keep your images online and uploaded to my gallery for one month. After that, all images shall be removed from my computer except those I choose to keep and use for promotional purposes (to be determined at my discretion). I’m not responsible for loss or damage to the digital files due to circumstances beyond my own control.  I strongly suggest backing up your digital images on both your computer hard drive as well as a separate flash drive.