These two gorgeous gals have been in my life since we were in grammar school. I went to my first slumber party at Jessica’s house and Raelene taught me how to make my bangs into a perfect triangle with Aqua Net. I love them and getting to see them and catch up was beyond amazing.

Another Year Down!

I can honestly say I’m beyond excited to see this year go away. What a nightmare roller coaster we’ve all rode together!

I closed a studio, started another, closed the second one and then started another… I think I’m finally done moving and Rio Dell will be my permanent home. I hope to have a grand opening once we’re allowed to congregate and be somewhat normal again. In the meanwhile, I’m making sure things are perfect and ready to go – when the world is ready to go.

To all the wonderful folks who supported my business and became a friend – thank you. I sincerely appreciate the support and most importantly, the trust, you’ve given me to capture your family memories.

Here’s a virtual toast and cheers to an amazing 2021!

(Below is a pic of my favorite thing that came from lockdown – my new greenhouse!)