2023 was the year I overdid it. It was my year of never saying “no” and putting my business first – ahead of everything including my family and my own sanity. I hustled and attended lots of public events, ran tons of promotions and basically tackled every shoot that came my way. My fear of failure and constant concern about making enough money to support my family completely sucked the fun and passion out of what used to be my most favorite thing.

I also developed a new little issue that at times has turned into a big fat scary monster – anxiety. And this little monster brought along his cousins, high blood pressure and high cholesterol. While I’m fairly certain I now have both of the little jerks now under control, I’m proactively figuring out ways to keep it like them like that. One way was to bless and release sessions I no longer want to do (some I already stopped doing awhile back)…

  • Weddings
  • Couples sessions/engagements
  • Events (no birthday parties, anniversaries, reunions, etc.)
  • Boudoir

My hope is to focus in on what I now I’m good at and really enjoy – newborns, kids, seniors, families, and most recently – boutique sports. I love watching your kids grow up and building the relationships I have with you all. I’m super excited to be learning new techniques in lighting that will help me in many different facets of photography.

The addition of boutique sports will be something that is brand new to me as I have three very non-athletic children. I’m hoping to offer these special packages to individual athletes and a handful of teams I already photograph. I’m not ready to take on full teams – we already have a few local photographers who are great with that. What I’ll offer is a supplement and more one on one time with your individual athlete showcasing their talents. I recently took classes in Florida on sports photography and I’m continuing that education with an extensive online course. Next week, I’ll be trying some of these techniques out as I’ve added some neat lighting and equipment to my studio.

Along with cutting out certain sessions, I’ll also be taking less weekend dates this summer. I plan on opening up a new business in late May/early June. Because of that, I’m choosing to not book weekends during most of the months of June and July. When busy season hits in late August, I’ll start back up with weekend bookings.

And finally, I’ve really delved into the industry of professional headshots and school photography. I’ve being taking classes and purchasing additional equipment to facilitate a travel studio. I’ve really been enjoying meeting so many new people and love the fact, I’m able to make an unpleasant process (like a headshot), actually fun.

I appreciate all the continuing support from our great community. I’m excited at making these changes and what the future holds!

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March 27, 2024

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