May 18, 2023

It’s Crazy How This Is Still Relevant

Many, many, many years ago, in a galaxy far, far, away, I wrote this letter to Mattea for a middle school time capsule. I recently found it and will be forwarding it to her again.

Dear Mattea,

From the moment my eyes rested upon your chubby, little, red screaming face – I knew I wanted you.  You have been the best daughter, friend, and little sister a momma could ask for. When you asked me to write this letter, I wasn’t quite sure what I wanted to say and to be honest, was kind of intimidated at the thought of speaking to you as an adult.  You’re a tough chic and the thought of you as a grown woman is sort of frightening ;-).  In the event you are reading this in your adulthood, I hope I’m still around to get a good chuckle out of my wisdom as well. 

My first piece of advice for you as an adult is to live by the motto, “it is what it is.”  People will let you down and life will be tough at times.  But on the flip side, you’re going to find amazing friends who will be a constant sense of support and love.  But I have a feeling your life is going to be filled with way more ups than downs.  You’re a special kid and people see that. Roll with the punches and the rewards will be yours.

My second piece of advice for you is to always work hard.  Whether it is at a job, school, or your own personal life – always give 110%.  I didn’t raise you to be lazy and I expect you to raise your own children the same way.  Life is too short to be a slacker.  Invest in yourself by doing things the best way you can and leaving your own mark on the world through hard work and dedication.

My third piece of advice for you is to find love and embrace it – no matter who it’s with.  Nurture important relationships and always remember who loves you.  Never take advantage of those who are close to you and always be honest – even if it hurts.  Love will lead you through dark paths and onto brighter shores.  It will hurt at times and it will heal at times but most importantly, you just have to let it in.

My fourth piece of advice for you is to stay true to yourself.  You can be a knothead with stubborn tendencies and a hair trigger temper and the next day sweet as pie and gentle as a mouse.  This is you, kid.  Don’t let anyone ever tell you the way you’re acting or feeling is wrong.  Ignore the naysayers who tell you to conform to society and change any of your ways.  You’re perfect in mind, body, and spirit.  It’s what makes you the awesome young woman you are. 

My fifth and last piece of advice for you is to remember that a good deed brightens a dark world.  No matter what future goals you have set in place and decide to achieve, leave the world a better place than from when you came into it.  Seek to do good and help others who can’t help themselves.  Have mercy, patience, compassion, and tolerance for those who probably don’t deserve it.  You’ll be a better person because of it. 

Mattea, I love you so much and you’ve been such an inspiration to me.  By simply writing this letter I’ve become more amazed and excited at how bright your future looks.  You’ve got the world at your fingertips – please don’t waste or forget that.  Become the success you are destined to be and do not be afraid to go forth and shine.  I love you Taterbug. 

With a ton of hugs, kisses, and wet gushy love – Your Momma.

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